5 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Fail

Yes, it is the reality that distance plays a major role in altering the COURSE OF LOVE.  However, those, who efficiently and wisely tackle the problems are succeeded and who don’t ultimately results in ending up their relationship. So, are you one who is afraid of LONG DISTANCES which may spoil your relationship?

Reason No 1: Lack of Trust

One serious problem, the couples usually face is the lacking of trust and confidence between two. Because, only if twosome are able to manage their issues then their relationship may be saved otherwise long distances are enough to develop wariness between them. As once a partner start suspecting things then it becomes difficult to come back at earlier stage.

Reason No 2: Too Much Promises

We often hear that Words lose their value when actions don’t speaks, same is the case arises when because of distance one partner kept on promises but never tried to fulfilled it or we can say could even find time to think of his/her promises and this way these too much promises ruins the relationships when are not fulfilled.

Reason No 3: Cost of Being in Touch

When two people live apart then in order to keep in touch they have to pay the cost for it including time cost, travelling cost (if they to go meet), long calls and messages etc. However in true and strong relationships this cost doesn’t matter a lot, but sometimes it starts disturbing people when it becomes expensive and often results in fighting then ultimately in collapses.

Reason No 4: Too Much Expectations

Well, no doubt long distances are a type of test for the couple to check the real strength of their relationships, and those, who be unsuccessful to pass this test, end up in frustrations and depression. And expectations are yet another things to spell down relationships if are not communicated ahead of the time, because it creates misunderstandings that are harmful to a relationship…

Reason 5: Reckless Feeling

When people goes apart from each and meet with an entirely new life with a new schedule then most of the time it happens they failed to manage time; their work life and social life. This attitude force the other partner to think adversely, though the person living far away doesn’t intend to do so but he miscarried all the things as he is in utterly new environment but the other one takes the whole situation wrongly, mistake the behaviour and feel uncontrolled.

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