7 Signs Enough to Take Decision That You’re Current Relationship Has No Future

To hinge upon a person, considering that there is still a chance and your partner will get better, is a self-deceiving state. You are not only damaging yourself by keeping a hold of a relationship without satisfaction and happiness but you are also shutting all the other doors that could give you chances of fulfillment and living with content. Even after all the possible efforts and dedication, your current relationship has no future then there are things amiss and you must not ignore, see for yourself.

1. Not giving respect to the personal choices

A relationship works when your partner accepts and respects every aspect of your personality. He/she cannot impose their opinion over yours just because they have issues accepting it according to their set beliefs.

Accepting personal choices is necessary to give each other freedom in a relationship. You cannot expect the other person to live like a puppet and you have their strings to pull whichever side you think is best. If your partner doesn’t give you enough freedom to choose or live as per your own wish then there is no substance in a relationship to stay together.

2. Not emotionally connected

Your relationship should not be merely to meet the physical demands of each other instead there has to be an emotional connection between partners.

Partners support one another in thick and thin. They don’t separate their ways when there are difficult days. However, you are struggling with this a lot and ever since you two have been together, all the burden, stress, and anxiety have come your way. When you need your partner the most all you got is a cold shoulder and that is the reason your current relationship has not future.

3. Not present with you when you need the most

A partner has the responsibility to stand like an impenetrable shield in front of the other. But you have never felt this in the entire period of your relationship. There are various events that come during the tenure where you need your partner the most. Well, if you have to face everything alone while being attached to a person then it’s better to stay alone and have no regret.

4. Better discuss now then be late in the future

There should be something strong between partners that they would latch onto and spend life for that one thing. You two need to know the priorities of life before taking a decision on the future of your relationship.

There are many variables in the future that could make the other one uncomfortable, now is the time to decide what you want from the relationship. What if your partner will not want children at all? Do you imagine your relationship with no children? If your answer is no then take your decision now because you two are not on the same page and despite the fact you love this person the most, you will not be happy together.

5. Not a mutual love relationship

Soon, your relationship will collapse and will not take the burden of one-sided love. Are you the only one giving everything to your relationship without any condition? You have never received the same amount of love or understanding you should deserve being with your partner. This withdrawn feeling will gnaw you every single day if you be still together with them.

6. Not enough trust

Insecurities fill the room when there is not enough trust between two people. So, without trust you cannot build a strong relationship.

Your efforts will be futile if the other one is not going to trust your genuine love and a lot of hard work you are putting to make everything work.   

7. Not resolving issues

Relationships work when two people put their differences aside and just love being with each other. However, if your partner is not willing to sort out conflicts and it seems that these will be unending then it’s better to separate from it.

Before ending it, for the last time try to talk through and then decide if you are ready to let go.

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