A Woman, Whose Parents Disowned Her When She Refused to Fund Her Sister’s ‘Lavish Lifestyle’

We often see in movies and, TV shows that some people’s expectations are so high and they expect too much from others especially their close friends and family members. As shown in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ in an Asian family a person has to go through a lot of pressure because they keep their expectations are way too much, especially about marriage like who and how they marry, the way they carry themselves, and so on.

Well, the reality is quite similar and not so different. If you know someone who is Asian so you must have the idea that it’s not easy to live as an Asian because they give so much importance to the unnecessary standards and expectations which they have set for themselves.

A woman who lives in Vietnam (she kept her name secret) shared her traumatizing story via her TikTok video that her family has disowned her because she said no to funding her sister’s lavish lifestyle. Tiktoker (@rewrite_mytrauma) explained that she had to support her sister financially and it was all her responsibility to pay her college bills, and to give her money for her other expenses too including partying and clubbing.

Woman, Whose Parents Disowned Her

She got her Ph.D. degree in neuroscience from UCLA and now is a biotech venture capitalist. The Vietnamese woman told in her video how her parents sent her younger sister to a school in America, three years ago after knowing the fact that they couldn’t afford it themselves.

Whose Parents Disowned Her

She further revealed that she always supported her sister financially and had been doing all the possible things to make her life better for a long time, but as her expenses had increased a lot, she realized that she can’t do more for her now.

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She told that when she opened up to her parents about the situation and described them that from now  she wont be able to afford her sister’s expenses and luxuries, they surprised her with their response because instead of praising her for all the things she had been doing they called out and said her that she is stingy and an ungrateful woman.

“I told my family I can no longer afford it, and if they wanted my sister to remain in the U.S., they had to figure it out themselves,” she continued. “I was called stingy. I was called ungrateful and that whatever I am today, it is only because of my family, and now I should pay them back. They tried to impose this responsibility on me when all I asked was to make my sister understand that she should be more careful with her spending.”

‘I have been disowned by my parents just now because I refused to finance my sister’s lavish lifestyle when she’s here in America as an international student,’ she said while crying in her TikTok video.

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“They sent her here three years ago when they knew that they could not afford any of her expenses. So the responsibility for her tuition, room, board, and even her living expenses has been on me as I am the eldest child in the family. She has been completely ungrateful and completely irresponsible with the money. I had to pay for the debt she owed to her friends because she spent it on shopping, Uber Eats, bars and clubs, and I’m just so done with it.”

Since her video got viral a lot of people watched it and started sending their love and support to her. Many people showed great respect towards her and tried to comfort her by their kind words.

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Source: TikTok

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