Why Do You Want To Keep In Touch With Your Ex When You Are In A Relationship?

Relationships are complex and sometimes complications are too deep that it is difficult to postulate whether you are doing the right thing or not. Well, keeping in touch with your ex doesn’t seem to bother those who are separated on a mutual agreement to end their relationship. However, it is awkward for many others who broke up ugly.

But still, when you end up as a couple on a bad note there is residue of flames which would ignite if any one of you starts communicating again.

Jealousy is another factor that becomes the reason behind keeping in touch with your ex for another time because you feel alone after the break up and your ex seems to enjoy another relationship with someone else.

People who have broken up and started a new relationship are less likely to communicate with their exes because they are more satisfied with their current relationship than the previous ones. Especially, the younger couples don’t really look back because they are not emotionally invested in the future interactions.

Surroundings in the current relationship help couples to recover therefore, those who are happy with their recent partners would never think of keeping in touch with their ex than the ones who are sad even in their new relationships.

Feelings and emotional contact are two important aspects for any person to stay in touch with their exes. Couples who end up without any drama and hurt feelings are more likely to stay in contact with their previous relationship partner.

Sometimes, couples go through tensions in their current relationships because they seem not to figure out as to why they want to stay in contact with their ex or how can your partner remain friendly with an ex? Let’s touch these questions one by one:

Would you rather stay in touch with your ex or completely eradicate all the feelings from your heart?

Motivations can be a determent here to take into consideration whether you want to stay in contact with your ex or not.

Lest, you are not sure of your current relationship therefore, you would like to have some contact with your ex as a backup or some kind of safety net if everything goes wrong with the new one.

However, maintaining contact with your ex would make it difficult for you to accept your new relationship because you will never be able to figure out the feelings of your current partner while having the old one in your heart.

Whether you have contact or not, in either case, you need to think about the best decision for yourself. Just keep in mind that you should be thinking about the future stability and peace of mind in your life.

Do your feel jealous if your partner is still friendly with an ex?

It is natural if you do feel jealous that your partner is still maintaining communication lines with an ex. But before putting your partner into interrogation, you should make clear that your partner is doing it intentionally or they just happen to bump into each other due to same social circle.

Even if your partner goes back to old flames you should not start thinking that they are communicating for some hidden motive or you have a poor relationship going on. There would be a chance that your partner wants both of you to have cordial relations so there will be less tension.

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