Why and Where You Should Not Get a Tattoo – Seven Body Parts Revealed For Tattooing

Expressing your feelings through tattooing your body is in trend, from past many years. According to statistical sources, around 43 percent of people get tattoos on their bodies to express their love for the partners while 37 percent people do this for style.

During tattooing, pins and needles are pierced in the bodies, hence taking some precautions and reading some instructions is pretty necessary.

Remember, tattoo experts, artists, and specialist doctors do not recommend certain parts of your body to get tattoos, they call them, less ideal areas of the body to get tattooed.

What are those places? At Love and Sayings, we have complied 7 areas of the body that are better to avoid for tattooing because we believe that precaution is better than cure.

In this content, you will get to know about top seven places that are sensitive for tattoos, plus at the end of this blog, tattoo lovers, and people looking forward to get their bodies tinted, will get a surprise.

Here are the areas, you should think before getting tattooed:


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You would have felt the texture of the skin on your elbows, that’s thin as well as a little wrinkled. These factors make ink hard to stay on the elbows. Therefore, tattoo specialists do mot recommend this place as an ideal for tattooing.

Besides this, the roughness of the skin requires more time and effort for piercing the pen inside for tattooing.

Q: What if you have tattoos on your elbows already?

Ans: Keep your elbows moisturized to make your tattoos stay in there or else they will fade away quicker than you can even think.


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Doctors and tattoo artists also do not consider armpits as a good and ideal area for making tattoos. However, the reason isn’t that tattoos doesn’t here but actually being sensitive part of the body, it pains unbearable while tattooing.

If you are a novice person and having first tattoo, do not go for having it on your armpits because you still don’t know how much pain tattooing on the underarms can cause.

Q: When can I have tattoos on the armpits?

Ans: Well, tattoo on the underarms literally pain a lot, however, if you can bear, you can have tattoos on the pits of your arms.

Back of knees:

Behind the knees
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Just like armpits, the areas behind your keens can be called as knee-pits. Same like the underarms, this area is also very sensitive and you can feel so comfortable while tattooing here. The place can also take time to heal because it mostly remains wet due to sweating.

Therefore, back of the knees or behind the knees is a place where you can feel more sensitive while tattooing. Make sure to take proper precautions before doing so.

Palms and Fings:

Hands and fingers
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Though, hands, fingers, and palms most popular to get tattoos on however according to experts tattoos here cannot be something supportive. We clean hands most often in which fingers are included too. Moreover, due to Pandemic cleaning hands has become even important.

Also, hands come in most sun exposure. Due to this, tattoos here fade fast. There is no health problem or paining issue related to this area of your body. However, tattoos here heal quickly yet fade even quicker.

Around Rib Cage:

Rib cage
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Rib cage is a place that’s more sensitive but tattoos here heal slower. The place behaves same like armpits. Also, man have to wear shits while women wear bras this thing also slower down the healing process.

Therefore, it is not a recommended place for tattoos.


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Tattoos here last for two to three years however the skin can get dry as well as loose its color. Therefore, if you have tattoos on the face, make sure to use sunscreen. Also make sure that you are not damaging if you have sensitive skin.

Shins and Knees:

Ankles and shins
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Shin is the area of your upper foot somehow related to ankle. This place is so sensitive and prone to feel hurt, just like armpits and rib cage. People love having tattoos here and if you are also one of those make sure that you are able to bear the pain.

The Surprise – Tattoo Pain Chart:

Tattoo pain chart
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This chart will help you to get the tattoos on the places that are less sensitive. The places for man and women for sensitivity can vary. Such as, women chest area is more sensitive than the males. So, make sure to use this chart and find out which place is perfect for you to get tattoos and how much pain you will have to bear.

Bottom Line:

Are you the first timer tattoo-person and getting first ever tattoo of your life or you have so many of them on your body? Also let us know if you have tattoos and you regret this decision or not. Do not forget to share your experiences with us and the readers.

We love hearing from you.

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