When We Got Married, she was My husband but Now She became My Wife

This interesting story revolves around two college students who met and deeply fell in love with each other instantly.

Laura met her husband named Galen Mitchell for the very first time in September 2005, while they both were sitting at a small lunch table in a liberal arts school in Minnesota.

As per Laura, Galen was wearing a T-shirt from a band that she liked the most and she got intrigued instantly. When she reached home she messaged him on Facebook that she wanted to hang out with him, to which Galen agreed.

interesting story

The couple met at their campus arboretum that night and then talked to each other the whole night.

Laura shared with HuffPost, “Conversation came really easily and we just kept talking the rest of the night,”

Finally, the duo got married in the year 2011, after dating for some years.

“From the very beginning, our relationship has been built on great communication and trust,” aura told.

Laura revealed that she and Gala share everything with each other and used to talk about much on different topics. They have been remaining honest with one another about their relationship from the beginning.

She also shared that in the starting years of their marriage, her husband would sometime shared with her about how much he wanted to be born as a girl and didn’t want to be a man.

She told Laura

“She told Laura that she felt she should have been ‘born a girl’ ― or ‘assigned female at birth’ in today’s parlance ― but she never used the word ‘transgender.’

“I told Laura I probably would have been happier if that had been the case and that I felt like I was closer to ‘woman’ than ‘man,’” Galen said to the outlet.

“However, I also said that I would never do anything about it.”

On the other side, Laura who spent most part of her childhood dressing up, and acting like a tomboy, told that she understood Galen’s feelings very well.

“She would say things like, if there was a magic button, I would press it to change the way my body was,” said Laura. “But because she didn’t say anything about being trans, or wanting to see a therapist, or wanting to make changes in ways that felt really practical, I just sort of thought of it as, ‘Oh, you know, she wishes things were different, but she’s OK that they aren’t, and she found a little niche for herself in the world.’”

I was deeply afraid of

When Laura was expecting her first child in the year 2015, Galen finally gathered the courage to tell her that she wanted to transition.

“I was deeply afraid of what Laura’s reaction would be, but it was simply impossible to hold it in anymore,” she shared with HuffPost.

According to Laura, at the start, she felt afraid and a little resistant and worried because of people’s opinions regarding their relationship. However, she decided to support Galen completely as she had realized what she wanted all her life.

“I remember saying things like, well, I’ll support you with whatever you decide, and if you want to present more gender-neutral, then I would support that,” she also added.

Galen told, “Laura approached things with a lot of care and wanting to understand and managed, at least in her interactions to me, to largely put a lot of her own fears and concerns on the back burner with the knowledge that I was depressed and needing support.”

Now Galen identifies as bisexual and is living a happy life along with their two children in Denver.

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