Think Before Marrying A Guy Who Has These 15 Habits

Living a romantic relationship and marriage are two different tales of your life. Many things are ignored while you are not committed to a person. Once you are tied in the bond of marriage then you have to take that relationship with its pros and cons. It’s better to observe and take decision before based on the habits of your guy, those that are acceptable for you or those that are not.

1. He mistrusts your judgment because he is narrow-minded:

No one has the right to control your decisions and you would certainly not want to live your life with a guy who has controlling attitude. You would risk being married to him who restraints you from doing all the normal things just because his judgment wouldn’t allow it, he is a narrow-minded person.

2. He shows no empathy to animals:

He actually hates animals without any good reason. It’s hard to expect compassion from a person who cannot show empathy to animals/pets.

3. He is disrespectful towards you:

Well, your guy who does not respect the rules of your relationship now will not give a damn to when you are married to him. If he knows that doing a certain thing will annoy you and he does it then he is not taking your position serious in this relationship.

4. Unmet promises:

Promise breaking should not be acceptable unless it’s a case of forgetful mind. You expect assurance from your man and he is not meeting what you are expecting of him. He is a promise breaker and will never be the one who can meet his promises.

5. You are his second priority:

A marriage relationship grows strong when partners think equal of each other. Their needs, desires, goals, expectations are aligned and somewhat similar from the relationship. If you are feeling that up till now you’ve not given top priority in his life then think about the future.
Will he take you as the first priority in his life?

6. He thinks he is a superhuman without imperfections:

A guy who shows chivalry is better than the one who thinks that he is perfect, all in all. There is always a chance of mistake, a chance of being wrong, but when someone is not able to accept this notion or would not comprehend the moments of epiphany in life then he doesn’t deserve you.

7. Excuses all the time:

Excessive excuses are the ways to tell a person that he has more important work than his future wife, you should think about your decision of marrying this guy.

8. He is never sorted after fights:

You find it hard to make him settle on a decision because he is not willing to let you keep your opinion. He always opposes and never gives respect to the difference of opinion.

9. You are ignored during conversations:

He is affable and can carry on a good conversation as long as he is talking, but as soon as you start to telling a story or sharing something, he kills the conversation.

10. He consistently lies to you:

He will step over the sanctity of your relationship if he keeps on lying to you. How can you trust a guy when not for once he proves to be true to his words?

11. He is too clingy:

Being a clingy person is not bad, perhaps this tells the other person that you care about them. However, when your man is acting too clingy to the extent that he can’t let you go or do something independently, as you wish it to be, then he is not mature enough to accept things that you want to do in your own way.

12. He can’t stand his own family:

He doesn’t cope with his own family at all because there are some unresolved matters. No matter how many conflicts you can have with your parents or siblings, there is always room for them in your heart. But he hates his family and that is alarming for you to becoming his future family.

13. He can’t quit smoking:

Smoking doesn’t bother much when your guy does it for fun with friends. But when he is a chain smoker and can’t quit it even after you asked him countless times then he doesn’t regard your emotion.

14. He handles his affairs impatiently:

He doesn’t carry a good history regarding his relationships with family, friends, or colleagues. It takes him no time to lose his patience and cut people off his life. You should think before marrying this guy who can’t handle his affairs with maturity.

15. He has no control on his anger:

This would result in emotional or physical abuse and you should not want to be the victim.

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