These 10 Text Messages can tell you that you’ve got an Amazing Boyfriend

Texting has a huge role play in the modern social media age. It makes constant communication so much easier despite time and distance. It’s entirely not possible to stay together 24/7 hence, reliance on communication technology is evident.

Text messages not just keep the communication active when couples stay apart through distance but these also say a lot about the feelings for one another. There is no big deal if you have to scrutinize the way he texts you because what he feels about you is actually reached to your heart through text messages.

It’s easy to understand the emotion when it is described in front of your eyes but what is meant in the texts is only understood correctly when the choice of words is appropriate. Does he use a lot of these 10 texts? If yes then he is an amazing boyfriend.

1. “Have a good morning, babe.”

Your whole day is going to be good and optimistic when you get to know that his first thought when he wakes up is about you.

2. “How was your day in the office?”

You have shared with him last night that you have an important meeting at your office and this would increase your chances of promotion. Finding out his text about your meeting and specifics of the day can assure you that he gives value to your professional capacity.

3. “Time with you pass quickly and I can’t wait until I see you next.”

He had an amazing time with you and his excitement can be felt from his text.

4. “I promise that I’ll not be late to pick you.”

All the time that he can get with you he makes sure he doesn’t miss a single minute out of it. His fulfillment of promises can tell his commitment to you, he is an amazing boyfriend.

5. “I think this should be discussed in person.”

He wants to make sure that there should not be any uncertainty to come in between both of you. He understands that certain situations are better comprehend when you talk face-to-face.

6. “My friends have high praise for you.”

He values your place in his life that how lucky he is to find you as his girlfriend because you are so effortlessly integrating yourself into his social circles.

7. “You have made me realized that I can transform into the best version of myself.”

He wants to tell you the positive impact that you have made on him and helping him out to reach to his maximum potential.

8. “I’m coming to pick you up in 30 minutes. Have booked seats for your favorite movie.”

This seems that he is seriously thinking about you and the relationship with you.

9. “No need to prepare dinner. I’m standing at your favorite food place and buying your favorite food.”

How thoughtful of him to surprise you with your favorite things. This text is an indication that he gives real importance to your likes and dislikes.

10. “I miss you when you are not here.”

You have gained a special place in his life and he isn’t afraid of giving you power over him. He is not insecure of showing his weakness to you. He is mature enough to understand that vulnerability will not make him appear low but will give more power to strengthen your relationship.

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