The Mother of Four Went Viral on Tiktok, Since She Posted A Video of Her Wearing £180 Clip-In Veeners, That Made Her Look Like A Horse

A woman who lives in UK, recently got so much attention on the internet because of her viral TikTok video, in which she was showing her £180 clip in veneers.

The 23-years-old mother named Lauren Hartley from Manchester has spent £180 to fix her smile.

woman who lives in UK

But, when Lauren tried her false teeth for the very first time she became shocked after seeing herself because she was looking like a horse.

Then she decided to make a video of her wearing that teeth and posted it on her TikTok account. The video has now crossed three million views and also received around 200K likes and 4K comments.

she decided to make a video

“£180 to look like a f***ing horse, can’t even speak with the c***s in,” she said in her TikTok video clip.

“They keep clicking on my teeth, can you hear them?” she asked question to her 17000 followers.

When her video went viral a lot of people made fun of her in the comment section because of her false teeth which made her look like a horse.

her video went viral

“Who’s horse is that,” someone commented under her video.

“What time you racing love,” another TikTok user wrote.

“Lol the mask with Jim Carey oh no,” someone joked.

“I want these but not if they like that oh that’s really bad bbe I’m soo sorry xxx,” another one said.

TikTok user commented

A TikTok user commented that she ordered her clip-in veneers from a very cheap company and he also had a worst experience of shopping from them.

“Need That Smile are cheap as hell! Pay the £400+ from other companies as there’s a reason these are £180.. trust me I made the same mistake.”

Some people bashed Hartley for buying £180, and also said that you should have idea about what’s coming.

what did you expect

“For £180 what did you expect??”

“Mum is laughing at this she thinks it’s so funny… Do you have to wind them up before a meal?”

Lauren also revealed that she bought that false teeth for her because they promised to give her a natural smile. She got it on a special discount offer from Need To Smile.

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