So is He Ready to have a Relationship with You?

So is He Ready to have a Relationship with You

Confused? Worried About the Future of Your Relationship? Though you have built a strong chemistry with him, but you are still not sure that is he going to take the next step or not?  If yes, then you are not alone, because here you will find 5 signs which will help you to predict that your Man is likely to leave this relationship sometime in the near future:

  1. You Find Him Talking His EX Girlfriends:

If your partner is not over with his ex-girlfriends than it means he is not ready to commit to you rather he is just passing his time. Talking to about ex yet another problem that indicates his insincerity as this is a sign for you to think about this matter seriously maybe he really wants his ex-girlfriend back in his life. So be careful about his actions and intentions.

  1. Not Showing Any Affection Publically:

Another alarming this is no PDA (publically display of affection), if your cutie avoid to express his love publically and don’t want to disclose his relationship status with you to anyone then it is really something to wonder about. Because hiding relationship publically makes no sense instead people are seen so excited about making their relationship known publically.

  1. He Rarely Meets Text and Call You

If a guy doesn’t not make any call to talk you, and don’t make any plan to meet or never surprise you then it clearly shows his unwillingness to commit. However, you have seen him talking and texting to other people in his circle then it shows he is trying to avoid you and telling you he is not interested in making relation with you. In this case it is better to discuss all the things with him rather than waiting him to change his behavior.

  1. He Doesn’t Show His Interest in Your Friends and Family

I a person is not interested in knowing about your life, never asked about your friends and don’t talk about your family rather he keeps on talking about his past relationships and nasty stuff then it shows he is not serious in making you his better half though he is spending his time with you but it is not enough at all until a person don’t want to know about your life and don’t discuss his family and life with you.

  1. Makes You Wait For Everything and Disappoint You

If your cutie never do the things to please you instead he always does the opposite thing without bothering you and your wish then it means you are a person of ‘no importance’ in his life. Likewise, if your man always do everything after the time and at the same time he prefers to do the things for other people in his circle then it is obvious he doesn’t want to keep any bond with you, so why he trouble himself to make you please?

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