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Failed to find a right guy for you? You won’t believe that there are a lot of factors you just ignore that leads you towards not finding a perfect match, so in order to have a factual person here we came with amazing tricks that will not only help you but will become the reason for your next impeccable date.

Courting: First meeting with a guy decide whether he is going to be your boyfriend or not as you are going to meet a person that is never been in contacted with you, a utterly strange , so let’s make this first date a perfect meeting where you end up with a smile and a thought of a long lasting relationship.

Beyond considering the following six reasons one thing that must be kept in mind is that these reasons are not enough to have a love guru for you rather you also need to look at your behavior and most importantly your expectations whether you are ready or not to make small adjustments and compromises.

Have a look at the reasons that has become hurdle in finding your lucky charm:

Reason No. 6- Setting too High Criteria and Expectations
It is always said that see the inner beauty of a man not the outer. This phrase best describe the thing that you should not always built castle in the air but live with the reality and girls usually ignore this fact rather they set too high standards for their future life partner that leads them towards not finding a guy for them.

Reason No. 5. Paying Attention to others than listening own heart
Girls commonly commit a mistake that you always give importance to the views of others eventually you always try to please the people and forget what actually your mind says. This thing takes them away from finding their prince charm.
Well, this is the time to forget others and listen to your heart, be confident and not let other people to influence you.

Reason No. 4. Fictitious Look
Be what you are, and don’t be fake as boys just hate when girls pretend, so stay natural and let them love you as the way you are. Don’t bombard yourself with a lot of makeup and make an artificial look.
So, just go out with light makeup and dress up yourself with appropriate outfit.

Reason No. 3. Low Self-Esteem
Another important thing that makes you is your self-esteem, keeping it low will make you of no value on the other hand keeping it too high makes you proud girl, so keep your self-esteem in between high and low. Never think that you are less than anyone and love yourself not let others to criticize you.
Ultimately, it will make you a perfect person that every guy will love has.

Reason No 2. Being Too Assertive
The biggest mistake of a girl is she takes long decisions on short meetings, you always prefer emotions than reality, and this results in broken relationships. So never take decision on first meeting, give time to it and then finally decide your future.

Reason No 1. Not keeping your role as woman
Problems arise when a woman don’t let his man to interfere in her life rather she tries to keep him away from her personal life, This attitude usually don’t acceptable for a man and he feel uncomfortable in the relationship. So by involving he in your decisions will help a man to feel he is given importance and that is a secret to keep a healthy relationship!

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