4 Signs You Need To Take A Break Opposed To Just Breaking Up

Hearing from your partner that your relationship need to take a break may scare you and put you in a question state where you are tempt to ask whether this will continue or a break garner you with fresh perspective.

Probably, this is not the signal that your relationship is going to end when your partners says, let’s take a break and hit pause.

Sometimes, differences in a couple seem to be unresolved to an extent that they need to think about the scenario of living together hence, need to take a break.

But on the other side of the coin, some time away from each other will allow partners to work through the problems and sort out differences with a new perspective.

Various reasons come into play simultaneously that a couple might come to a decision to take a break from each other. Perhaps, personal issues may need a person’s attention or taking a look at the relationship with the possibility that this might continue in the long run or not.

According to a clinical psychologist, significance of taking a break in a relationship should be taken in the meaning that the two of you will be able to understand why you’re spending time apart from one another and what hope to accomplish from the break.

Take a look at a few signs to understand the need to take a break as opposed to just breaking up altogether.

1. Need to resolve repeated or cyclical arguments.

Frustration can rise high when you and your partner encounter repeated arguments on daily basis. Hence, a point comes in your relationship where emotional extremes and conflicts make you think to end what is left between you as a couple. Time apart each other can make you realize how much your partner means to you and you can work towards a better outcome.

2. Need to prioritize the relationship at the moment.

Issues in your personal life are draining your energy and attention therefore, you feel distracted in the relationship at the moment. Until your personal issues resolve, you might not give it all to your relationship.

3. Need to make time out for other things in life.

Keeping a balance between your love life and personal life can be overwhelming especially, in your young adult years, wherein you will also want to be laying the foundation for your future career. You might come across a fear of missing out on other parts of your life hence, devoting time and personal energy to something other than the relationship will allow you to learn how to keep balance in all the aspects of life.

4. Need to slow down things in the relationship.

Young couples act fast all of the time and rush into things that are not healthy for the future of the relationship. While taking a step back for a bit and slowing things down in the relationship will allow you to ponder on the issues that are relevant for the happiness and comfort for the two of you.

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