Scottish Woman, 53, Gave Birth to a Miracle Baby after Spending £100K on IVF over 25 Years

A Scottish woman named Helen Dalglish welcomed her miracle baby after 25 years of going through several failed IVF treatments spending a shocking amount of £100,000.

53-year-old, Helen from Glasgow’s Dennistou had to go through almost 21 failed rounds of in-vitro fertilization before delivering her daughter, Daisy Grace last year.

She shared with The Daily Record, “When you get that little miracle at the end, you forget about the 25 years. I was looking down, and the bump was getting bigger, and I thought, ‘Am I dreaming?’” Helen told The Daily Record.

“Even now looking at her I can’t believe I’m a mom,” Helen told. “It’s surreal.”

Am I dreaming

In her early 20s, she first shifted to Cyprus, where she started trying to get pregnant with her ex-husband, and during that time he was 28 years old.

Helen along with her then-husband started their fertility treatment and went through the first round of IVF for free under NHS. However, when it became fail, they decided to spend all of their life savings on their fertility treatments.

“Sometimes it got too much emotionally, physically, and financially,” she told. “Sometimes we stopped for a year or two. Because they said it was unexplained, we thought, ‘We’ll do some yoga, meditation, alternative health, because there’s nothing stopping us. Maybe it’ll just happen if we forget about it.”

happen if we forget about it

“Every one that fails, you’re absolutely devastated. It’s like a death,” Helen further added.

She revealed that medics in Cyprus told them in the beginning that there was something wrong with the positioning of her uterus, but according to the doctors in Scotland, it was not the major problem at all.

Dalglish said it was too difficult for her to undergo those painful procedures in which doctors used to transfer the embryos in her womb, and she went through a lot of pain as every time doctors did it, it felt like, they hit a wall.

During her journey, the mum of one got pregnant three times, but, sadly all three times her pregnancies ended up as miscarriages.

“By that point, I was 41 and 42 and they just weren’t sticking. I would get to around nine or 10 weeks of pregnancy,” Helen told The Daily Record.

I was 41 and 42

“What kept me going was I just kept seeing this baby. I tried to switch it off sometimes and said ‘stop punishing yourself and putting your body through this.’ Sometimes I would try and accept it, but then I couldn’t.”

After several unsuccessful attempts, she decided to use donor eggs, but, despite making ten healthy embryos, the doctors said that there was no result.

And when her all hopes of becoming a mother died, she eventually got to know about Dunya IVF Fertility Centre in Kyrenia with her second partner, and they both agreed to try it. But, at that time her father passed away, and she had to postpone her decision of taking the procedure.

Later, Helen’s mother persuaded her to take the plunge.

When we came home

After their second attempt, the medics told her that she was going to be a mother.

While recalling that moment she said, “The two of us burst out crying and screaming. I think my dad must have had something to do with it,”

“When we came home, I burst out crying. It felt like 25 years of grief trying to escape,” Helen told about the time when she took her baby in her arms for the very first time, “She seems the most placid, laid-back, happy baby. It’s almost like I waited so long and now I’m being spoilt.”

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