10 Things You Must Remember Before You Forgive A Cheater

Men cheating women is not new. Men have done this since ages with no guilt or shame because women bear this either by staying quiet just because they don’t want to leave a man, they love a lot or else they don’t have a choice. But in today’s era women have more power, they have all rights to decide whether they want to forgive a cheater or not.

So here are 10 things you should always remember before you forgive a cheater and make him part of your life again.

1.Was he sincere in his past relationships?

Look out and see how he was during his past relationships? If he has cheated in those relationships as well then be very careful before you forgive him. It’s more uncertain that he would be the kind of person who might change his ways for you.

2. Does he feel guilty for cheating on you?

You need to investigate his manner since everything is out in the open. See whether his actions show that he feels guilty or does it look like he is totally okay with whatever happened. If he is not apologetic, then forgiving him will be the worst decision.

3.What type of cheating was it?

Consider what type of cheating, he did and was it intentional or unintentional. For example, was he having an extra affair keeping on the side as well or he had just spent a night with someone after being drunk and not being in his senses.

4.What would be his reaction if you cheated on him?

Think about his actions or decisions, he would have taken if you had cheated on him. Would he have ever forgiven you?

5. Are you ready to deal with all the consequences?

It’s your choice, you need think whether you are ready to put all the efforts in repairing the relationship. Are you ready to deal all the consequences with patience.

6. Can you actually forget his mistakes?

You need to take some time to consider whether you would have the option to excuse him later on or not. It can be tough to find happiness and quality in your relationship if you can’t force yourself to forgive him ever.

7. Can there be trust in your relationship again?

Trust is something that takes time to build and rebuilding it in a flawed relationship take more time than you think. So think are you ready to invest that much time again and is he worth it.

8.How damaged are you?

When the love of your life betrays you the first things that is broken into pieces is your self-esteem and confidence. So look at yourself and decide whether you can gain your self-confidence back or not while you are with him.

9.Is he willing as well?

Look closely are there any efforts to fix whatever happened. Does really want you back. If yes, then forgiving might not be a bad option.

10. Does he deserve you?

Maybe it was just a mistake. He might truly love you and he can be worth forgiving.

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