Ranking of Zodiac Signs Who Would Make the Best and Worst Partners In 2019


Next year, you can feel safe and comfortable in a relationship with the Libra as they will turn out more emotionally open human beings. A romantic relationship with a Libra will take your worries of them from straying off the path.


Scorpios are very passionate lovers on an intimate level. Out of all the Zodiac signs, the Scorpio is going to be honest and they love fearlessly.


Pisces get played by people easily because they are not good judges of character. They tend to find good in people even when they hurt, manipulate, abuse them. But, even after they get hurt, they never feel low about their love. They wait for the right person because they hope that the right person will make it all worthwhile.


A Cancer and Pisces share similar personality traits of being very emotional in their relationships. They love and care with all their heart even when they have to take in a lot. They will make you feel happy in a relationship and they will be expressive of their love for you.


Though, Taurus being the stubborn one in the list but they love with great passion. It will be a struggle to deal with them sometime but they are very loyal and faithful in their relationships.


Sagittarius value their freedom and independence way too much therefore, they are known to be non-committal creatures. They don’t get committed into a relationship easily but you can always assured of a fun time with them. You will find a lot of adventurous moments while living with them.


Out of all the Zodiac signs, the Aquarius is the least incentivized and probably the most independent one. Being in a committed relationship with someone will make them feel constricted or suffocated. Don’t get too clingy or needy in front of them because then they will have to risk their freedom and they will not like at all.


A Gemini needs a lot of attention in a relationship. Their partners are going to put a lot of effort to make things interesting for them. Gemini lives on high standards and someone who will be able to meet their expectations can win their heart.


In the ranking of zodiac signs from the worst to best partner in 2019, a relationship with a Leo is going to be a struggle that they require from their partners. They are known for their selfish and conceited characteristics already. They need constant validation from someone who would offer them their love and care because of their self-absorbed and insecure image.


In the coming year, a Capricorn will focus on their professional competitiveness and opportunities to high their ranks in the careers. They would work hard for their professional lives in 2019 than a romantic relationship.


You need to have cool, calm and composed personality in order to be in a relationship with the Aries. A relationship with Aries would be like living with someone who is rushing you all of the time and throwing tantrums at your side whenever they find a chance. Their short temper and hotheaded traits make them less desirable as the best partner in 2019.


It’s a serious relationship struggle being with a Virgo. Their high standards will make you feel that you are put through the wringer and nothing you do is ever going to be good enough for them.

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