Nine-Months-Pregnant Woman Who Ran Five-Minute Mile One Month before Her Due Date

A pregnant woman named Makenna Myler ran a five-minute mile one month before her due date because she wanted to prove all the people wrong who criticized her and said she harmed her baby.

30-year-old Makenna is a professional middle-distance runner who claimed that her pregnancy could not stop her from training.

As per the Daily Mail“The soon-to-be mom-of-two, from Orange County, California, kept up her training routine throughout her first pregnancy in 2020 – which saw her completing a mile in five minutes and 25 seconds ‘just to see if it was possible.”

The previous month, Makenna who is pregnant broke her own record by running the track for eight more seconds.

“I thought it was quite common to train during pregnancy, but there turned out to be a lot of people who think it’s not normal. Some of it has been genetic – I know some awesome runners who got pregnant, and their pelvis just couldn’t take running,” she told.

“I had people asking how I could do that while nine months pregnant when they can barely get off the sofa.”

She further said that it all up to your body and how you train it, and because she has been running before her pregnancy too that helped her a lot.

“A lot of it has to do with how you fortify your body before getting pregnant – I was running before pregnancy too which helped me.”

“There were so many days I tried to run while pregnant and it just wasn’t happening, so you don’t win every time. But you just keep trying,” the mother of one said.

“But at the end of the day, it’s important to listen to your body and only do what you’re capable of, because a healthy pregnancy is the most important thing.”

The athlete told that when she was pregnant with her second child, it was her wish to break her 5-minute 25-second pregnant mile record from past three years.

“For me, it’s not even about proving people wrong, but about questioning the reality of what you’re capable of,” she explained. “I’m a big believer of listening to your “internal governor” – the voice inside your head that tells you to stop when you need to – but you can push it a bit first.”

“If you listen to that voice you won’t do anything that will endanger you.”

After getting heavily criticized by some people for being too much active while her pregnancy, Makenna told that she never noticed negative responses from critics.

“The people who are outright blatantly mean, they’re taking something out on me, but it has nothing to do with me. Sometimes it comes from a person who has doubts in themselves and compare themselves to what I’m doing.”

“But the only person I’m comparing myself to is me, and trying to beat my own time. Everyone’s pregnancies are different, and I just look for ways to enjoy my own.”

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