Never Tell These 5 Things to Your Kids

Never Tell These 5 Things to Your Kids

Growing up your kids? Wondering about knowing the right ways of raising children? If yes, then you must know that every single action you take and every single word you speak influence your children. Moreover, the environment you give to you child and the surroundings in which you let your child live also impact on the behaviours, personality and habits of your child. That’s why it is said that parents should be careful about environ they are going to give their child, but one thing that is more and most important is the words they hear from their parents. You being a parent whether you are a father or mother must pay attention to this important matter, and must know about the words that may hurt them, take away their confidence and bring their morale down. Such type of unkind and unpleasant word must be avoided by parents and they should find the ways for better communicate in a relationship with their children; some examples of these kinds of words follow:

Never “Label” Your Kids

Do you call your children with different names or have labelled them with the some specific tags like obnoxious, stupid, fat etc. Do You? If you do so then right away stop doing this. Your words are shaping the personality of your child accordingly. They will be started thinking about their self as a stupid or whatever you call them and they will grow while thinking like this.

Don’t “Criticize and Compare”

Don’t criticize your child all the time, don’t always try to find their mistakes to scold or criticize them. Your behaviour will take your child away from you.  Instead of criticizing, try to praise good thing he does, admire their creativity, innovation and comment on them afore criticizing. Whatever good your child does, acknowledge it rather than comparing it with other’s children it make your child feel less than others and will decrease their confidence level.

Never “Tell a Lie”

Do you want your kid to lie? Surely Not! Then why you keep on lying in front of them with your friends and with them as well. Don’t forget the fact that you kids learn from you and your behaviour. So never lie to them and teach them not to lie to anybody and the most importantly never make false promises to them.

Don’t Always Says “YES”

Excess of everything is bad, like this excess of love with kids is bad and dangerous as well. So, being responsible parents, it is your responsibility to not to make your children stubborn and rude. It does not mean that you love your child if you always say yes to their right and wrong need instead there should be some limitations placed upon the needs and wishes. Don’t always say No but troy to keep a balance in it.

Don’t “Blame” them

Why do you always blame to your child? Why every stress always passes to the children? Don’t do that, don’t blame your children for any mistake commit by you and don’t pepper it on your child. Keep them away from all this, kindly!

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