Michael J. Fox Falls down on stage During a Back to the Future Panel Following Parkinson’s Battle

Fox collapsed on stage during a Back to the Future interview panel at a Fan expo in Philadelphia on the weekend.

As per Daily Mail,“Thankfully, the impact of the fall was softened as the beloved star landed on the couch in front of him, instead of the hard floor. The entertainer appeared to be uninjured following the brief fall, as he took his seat and continued on with the panel,” 

61-year-old Michael J. Fox rejoined his Back to the Future costars including Christopher Lloyd, 84, and Tom Wilson, 64 on the occasion.

This happened over a month since the actor said that his battle with the disease is becoming harder day by day. The Family Ties star was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the year 1991 when he was just 29 years old.

The father of four released a heart-wrenching statement about himself in his recent candid interview with CBS This Morning.

“My life is set up so I can pack Parkinson’s along with me if I have to,” he said to the journalist Jane Pauley.

When Jane asked him, “You’ve not squandered any of your capacity, but at some point, Parkinson’s going to call for you isn’t it?” 

Yeah, it’s been hanging on the door, to which he replied, “I mean, I’m not going to lie it’s going to hurt.”

The Back to the Future star confesses that with the passing of time, his difficulties with the disease are getting tougher, “every day it gets tougher,” he said.

He also added that he is not only dealing with his illness but has also suffered several other health problems and injuries this year.

“I had spinal surgery. I had a tumor on my spine. And it was benign, but it messed up my walking. And then, started to break stuff,” he told to the Journalist Jane.

“Broke this arm, and I broke this arm, I broke this elbow. I broke my face. I broke my hand. Which is a big killer with Parkinson’s,” Fox said while showing his injuries. “It’s falling and aspirating food and getting pneumonia. All these subtle ways that get ya.”

After revealing this the Teen Wolf alum made a heartbreaking statement about his mortality.

“You don’t die from Parkinson’s. You die with Parkinson’s. So I’ve been thinking about the mortality of it. I’m not gonna be 80. I’m not gonna be 80,” he described.

More than seven years after his diagnosis J. Fox made his diagnosis public in the year 1998, and then he started spreading awareness about his disease, which affects the brain and also causes unmanageable body movements like shaking stiffness, and imperfect balance and coordination.

According to CBS NEWS, “He noticed the first troubling muscle tremor at the height of his career while filming ‘Doc Hollywood’ in Florida,”  

Later, in 2000 Michael also established the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, as per the New York Times cited, is
“the most credible voice on Parkinson’s research in the world.”

After learning about his diagnosis, the 61-year-old became determined to search a cure for the disease and he also helped many of his fellow actors who were going through tough times.

American actress named Selma Blair also revealed in 2019, that after her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, she instantly went to Michael to ask him for help and he supported her a lot.

In one of her interviews with Good Morning America, she shared,

“I said, ‘I don’t know who to tell, but I am dropping things. I’m doing strange things. He got in touch with me and we began conversations,”

 “He really helped me… he gives me hope.”

Later in October 2021, J. Fox sat and spoke with Variety for an interview, where he discussed his struggle while finding out the cure for Parkinson’s.

“I enjoy life more. I’m more comfortable in my skin than I was 20 years ago. I can sit down and be calm. I couldn’t do that 25 years ago. That’s the medications, the drug cocktails, and therapies that we’ve been a part of.”

Fox said that his foundation has raised over $ 1 billion so far, and the money has been used to research the disease and its cure.

He also added that even though he didn’t find the cure yet, but he has made up his mind on searching for one.

“I’m committed to this. I won’t stop until it happens,” Fox told.

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