Mia Khalifa Slammed Men Who Date Much Younger Women Than Them and called them ‘Predators’

The 30-year-old former adult star, Mia Khalifa bashed men who want to date much younger women than them by calling them ‘predators’.

In 2022, she sat and spoke to Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low Podcast, where she discussed many things including sex work, shame, body image, and control, Khalifa also shared her strong opinions.

During the show when one of the segments was going on, she said that the men who intentionally find out more younger women for dating, most of them are predators.

“Any guy who goes after a girl significantly younger than them is severely lacking in their life, and I mean that confidence-wise,” she said to Emily.

“They are falling short in so many places, and that is the only place they can turn to feel like they have something on the scale of power.”

The host also agreed with her and said, Ultimately, it’s predatory because you’re manipulating someone who is not aware of what they’re giving you. And it’s unfair.”

Later, Emrata shared the video clip of the show on Instagram, and it went viral after receiving immense outrage, many social media users slammed the Lebanese-American media personality for her weird views.

“This is bullshit.. my boyfriend is 23 years older than me, we have a child, and we are so in love! To make a broad statement like that is pretty rude,” a person wrote.

“Imagine looking to a p*** star with a gold star sticker on their face for a moral compass,” a second said.

“So disappointed by this content. This is a personal opinion which is divulged as a truth. It’s always on a case by case basis. Older men can pursue younger women out of genuine and pure interest,” another one wrote.

“The thing I hate about this convo is that it disempowers the woman. Who says she’s being manipulated? How can anyone make a free choice? We’re all being manipulated,” a fourth comment read.

“Please, please don’t listen to this nonsense. Amazing how the sexes don’t understand each other. Here is a p*** star and a model, both of whom made a ton of money being young & hot, trying to tell you that guys are bad for wanting young & hot women. What the actual F?! It’s not about power, maybe for a small number of creepy dudes, sure, but not most. Like so many things, this needs nuanced conversation, but I fear too many girls are going to see this and thing these women for some reason know what they’re talking about. This is bad intel,” an angry person wrote.

On the other hand, some people could be seen defending her by saying that all the people who criticized Khalifa and Ratajkowski in the comments section were predators themselves who got bashed for their actions.

“The amount of man (sic) crying in the comments because their predatory behavior got called out… Very woody Allen of you,” a person said.

“Funny how only men are writing paragraphs about how much they disagree… these are the same people who are being talked about on the podcast and for the right reasons,” another one commented.

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