Men Destroy Marriage When They Are Doing These 8 Things

Men destroy marriage when they are doing these 8 things:

1. Less or no attention to your woman’s insecurities.

Men keep on avoiding insecurities of their women and hurt their feelings. All she needs is reassurance that you remain faithful and respectful to her.

You should understand things that make your spouse uncomfortable. Men destroy marriage when they’re failed to pay attention to any minor detail of their partner’s discomfort.

2. Giving no regard to her efforts.

Women aren’t always looking forward to big or expensive surprises sometimes; admiration is all that she needed.

Speaking a few words of praise for her is going to lighten her up. Small gestures of affection and care can make her understand that you are giving her undivided attention.

3. Afraid of being vulnerable in front of her.

Marriage is a sacred bond and you can’t build the foundation of trust in a relationship unless you are ready to share every detail of your life comfortably with your partner.

If you are harboring feelings inside your heart and never let it out in front of your woman to let her know about your feelings then you can never have a strong bond.

If she doesn’t feel included in your life then she is going to part her ways soon.

4. Negating responsibility for your actions.

Marriage can’t sustain long when there is blame game on between partners. If you have done wrong then you need to own your actions and words responsibly.

If you stay adamant that you are a man and can’t bend in front of your wife then you will lose her love for you.

5. Too hasty marriage decision.

Men destroy marriage within first few months when they realize that they have made a mistake marrying the wrong woman. They aren’t feeling compatible in any aspects of their life hence, failed marriage.

6. Distant and unresponsive to conflicts.

You need to be mindful of your feelings in disagreements with your partner. Conflicts can be resolved only through open communication. If you are thinking that staying distant and unresponsive will blow out flames then you are wrong.

You two must develop emotional intimacy without keeping things to yourself. As much as you try to openly discuss different things in your marriage soon, you will gain trust of each other.

7. Men being pushy and judgmental to solve things on her behalf.

You are married to an independent woman. As long as you need your freedom and personal space to handle matters in your life you should think same for her, too.

Men destroy marriage when they try to take control of everything happening in their as well as their woman’s life.

8. Always resisting to apologize when you are wrong.

Two simple words “I’m sorry” can conclude unresolved fights and arguments. Instead of feeling off of your ego if you try to meet your partner half way and compromise then many conflicts can be resolved without hurting one another’s feelings.

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