Kelly Clarkson Decided to Stay Single After Her Traumatic Divorce from Brandon Blackstock

An American singer, songwriter, writer, author and famous Television personality named Kelly Brianne Clarkson. She got fame after winning the first season of American Idol in the year 2002.

The author popularly known as Kelly Clarkson. In the year 2022, her single named A Moment Like This- became the bestselling single of America.

After dating her talent manager, Brandon Blackstock for two years 40-year-old musician got married with him in the year 2013.

Kelly Clarkson Decided

The “Catch My Breath” singer saw the music manager in 2006 for the first time during the rehearsal for the Academy of Country Music Awards. As per US Weekly reported, She was very excited about her wedding with the 43-year-old Brandon.

“I’m too happy. He’s ruining my creativity. I’m writing all this happy s—t. It’s killing me, Clarkson shared with the outlet before getting married with her love of life.

She gave birth to an adorable daughter named River in the year 2014 and then after two years the couple welcomed their another child, a son named Remington.

According to the reports in June 2022, Clarkson filed for divorce from husband Brandon “Kelly Clarkson is ending her nearly seven-year marriage to husband Brandon Blackstock.

Kelly Clarkson is

Citing irreconcilable differences, the singer, 38, filed for divorce in Los Angeles on June 4, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE on Thursday. The papers list the couple’s separation date as ‘TBD.’”

In December 2021, talking with Andy Cohen on her show the pop hitmaker discussed first date strategy and jokingly said that after her devastating divorce with ex-husband Brandon Kelly decided to stay single forever.

The talk show host told her about his first date preferences and said that he prefer to have cocktails on dates more than coffee to which Kelly answered,

“I don’t know. I might be more of a coffee person. I don’t know if I’m willing to invest in an evening with you yet. I’ll be single forever.”

be single forever.

Cohen also noticed that Kelly is not good at finding the ‘red flags’ in people because she gives them more chances than they deserve.

“I’m always that person that’s like, ‘Oh, I don’t know. Maybe they were having an off day.’”

Cohen further said that he try ‘to cut and run’ from the people after seeing red flags on dates, the stronger singer jokingly said;

“We should hang out, so that rubs off [on me].”

As per PEOPLE reports, in March 2022, Clarkson got divorced from Brandon and ready to move forward towards a new phase of her life.

“Kelly is obviously happy to have the divorce finalized,” as revealed by an insider. “The kids have always been her main priority through everything. She truly is able to begin the next chapter of her life with her kids, and she’s also busier than ever with her career. She’s in a great place.”

Some outlet revealed that they both has agreed to share the custody of their children but the children will live with at her mother’s home in Los Angeles along with her.

“Kelly always worked so hard and is a great mom. She is very relieved that the divorce is settled. She just wants to be with her children.”

The Kelly Clarkson Show

“The Kelly Clarkson Show host agreed to give Blackstock a one-time payment of just over $1.3 million, as well as a monthly child support payment of $45,601, which began on Feb. 1,” Per PEOPLE.

According to Page Six“A judge declared Clarkson legally single this August, but the case remains ongoing.”

Previous year, she appeared on the Love Someone with Delilah podcast and talked about the broken relationship with her ex-husband Brandon and said that she had not any regret for the things happened in her life.

“I regret nothing. Even unfortunate things that happen in your life or hard things, ’cause we can do hard things.”

But also I feel like

“But also I feel like that’s what shapes you, it’s what makes you a better person, it’s what makes you recognize: OK, I missed those red flags, I missed that, I ignored that on purpose,” she said.

“I mean … I’m just collecting them,” she said while laughing. “I was apparently wanting to do some kind of exhibit with a lot of them.”

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