Jamie Lee Curtis Said Musicians Should Do Matinee Concerts’ So That She Can Sleep Earlier

The actress now just wants to attend a Coldplay gig at 1 pm.

An American actress, children’s author, producer, and activist who first gained fame with her appearance as Lt. Barbara Duran on the ABC sitcom Operation Petticoat.

She is popularly known for her role as Laurie Strode in the Halloween films franchise. Jamie has done multiple notable projects including Freaky Friday, Trading Places, Knives Out, Scream Queens, True Lies, A Fish Called Wanda, You Again, and Anything But Love.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Throughout her career, the Freaky Friday alum received several accolades like a Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award, People’s Choice Award, and a nomination for Primetime Emmy Award too.

In her recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday, 4 March at the Independent Spirit Awards, the actress called on her some favorite musicians include Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, and U2, to do their shows at the day time so that she can sleep by 7:30 pm.

“I am gonna just say this now as a taunt and as a suggestion. U2, do a matinee. Coldplay, do a matinee. What about a 12 noon concert, Coldplay? What about it?” she said.

Jamie Lee Curtis Said

“Bruce Springsteen, do a f***ing matinee! You’re old! Why wouldn’t you let me come see you, Bruce Springsteen, in your glory days — pun intended — and do it at noon or one o’clock? Two o’clock! Two o’clock matinee!” she added.

“Theatre in New York, two o’clock! I will come and hear your five-hour concert, Bruce, at two o’clock, and I’m gonna be home and in bed by 7:30.” 

Jamie also revealed that earlier this week when she was invited to attend the Oscars nominees’ private dinner she declined the invitation as she knew already that the dinner will not be starting serve before 7:30 pm, and the food will come much more late.

Jamie Lee Curtis Said Musicians

“Now you might say, “Jamie, you’re nominated for an Academy Award, you’re going to be in the room with only nominees for the Academy Award, and I have declined.” Why? Because mommy goes to bed early,” she told the outlet.

While talking about the dinner, the Knives Out star told Today that, the dinner would have begun at 5 pm, if she was invited to attend it.

“Here’s the thing, you see there’s a nominees’ lunch which was fantastic because it was lunch time and we were all there, we were all dressed up.”

“They took that big class picture of everyone, it was thrilling! If that had been at night, I would have gone, but it would have been arduous to me because I’m just that girl.”

Jamie Lee

She also added that some artists should do matinee concerts so that people like her who go to bed early would also be the part of their gigs.

“Why are there no matinees? For instance, I love Coldplay. I would love to go see Coldplay,” she questioned.

“The problem is, I’m not gonna go see Coldplay if they start their show at nine o’clock and there’s an opening act. I want to hear Coldplay at 1 p.m. I think if we filled a stadium with people who want to see matinee of Coldplay, I think we would start a trend.” 

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