How And Why People Cheat In Relationships, Revealed!

Why do people cheat in relationships? Do they not get enough satisfaction from the companionship of one person? How do they get the courage to deceive their partner?  Are they not afraid of getting caught and being embarrassed? People these days have no sense of trust and care. They can easily hurt their partners who love them so much.They only think about themselves and their own motives. But the question is what makes people want to approach someone outside of their relationship. Is there something lacking in this bind that they have? Or do they do it just for fun?  Let’s have a look at the research carried out by Ashley Madison who runs a dating website.

People cheat mostly in long term relationships:

When people are committed to a person for along time, they tend to cheat. This maybe because it gets monotonous and they yearn for a change. On the other hand, if a relationship is short and casual,they are more likely to break it off.

It builds up over time:

When a person commits infidelity it is not just an impulsive action, it has been going on their mind for months or maybe even years. Also it doesn’t mean that it only happened once and will never happen again. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Once they cheat, they will go about it again.

You are consumed with the thoughts of your cheating partner:

The person who cheats will often find themselves lost in the thoughts of the person they cheated with. They will be found thinking about the time they were together. They might not be able to pay attention to their partner with whom they are in a relationship.

Increased secret conversations:

A cheater more often than usual will be tiptoeing around talking to their lover rather than their partner. They would feel at fault and would be found discussing their feelings with the person they cause infidelity with.

A cheater would mostly communicate with their lover when away from their partner:

Most of the time a cheater would text their lover when their partner is not around. The easiest time to do this would be when they are in office so their partner cannot check their phone or keep an eye on them.

Texting would be the main form of communication:

Their partner can catch them talking on the phone, therefore a cheater would resort to texting their lover. Texts can even be deleted later so as to not have any evidence and avoid getting caught.

Infidelity mostly take place after sunset:

When everyone is free from their work that is when one makes the best excuses to go out of the house and cheat on their partners. This is because mostly people make excuses like they are going for a dinner party etc so their partner doesn’t get suspicious.

No matter what, they will care for their actual lovers:

The love and affection for the real partner still remains even if one has cheated on them. They will turn the world upside down for them. A short term fling or a casual affair is for self satisfaction but real love and companionship is what gets you through life.

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