Halsey Revealed She Added Breast Milk to Her Skincare Routine and Claims It’s The BEST Ingredient Ever

American singer named Ashley Nicolette Frangipane who is famously known as Halsey revealed that she has now added breast milk to her skincare routine after welcoming her baby boy in July 2021, she also claims that it is the best ingredient she could use on her skin.

While giving an interview with Nylon Magazine, the Bad at Love singer shared the top secrets about her skincare routine which includes hyaluronic acid, a lip mask that keeps her lips plump and healthy, and makeup wipes to remove her heavy makeup after editorial shoots.

However, the Grammy nominee revealed that breast milk is one of the best skincare ingredients ever.

“I’ve always been really conscious about what goes on my skin, but when your baby is kissing you or snuggled up against you, you become hyper-cognisant of what’s on your face,” she said. “I love the Biologique Repecharge’s colostrum VG serum, which I got into when I first had my son.”

“I started breastfeeding and I figured out that breast milk is the best skincare ingredient ever because it’s so full of anti-oxidants and good fats and stuff that speed up the healing process.”

The 28-year-old singer further said that she found out about the wonderful benefits of using breast milk on skin after giving birth to her son named Ender in the year 2021.

“I started breastfeeding, and I figured out that breast milk is the best skincare ingredient ever because it’s so full of antioxidants and good fats and stuff that speed up the healing process,” the Eastside singer who used she/they pronouns said.

According to the Daily Mail, Halsey shares her two-year-old son Ender Ridley Aydin with her boyfriend named Alev Aydin with whom she met for the very first time in the year 2018 when ‘he was hired for writing her Sony Pictures biopic that ever materialized.’

In 2021, the Him & I songstress sat and spoke with Billboard where she talked about her motherhood experience and said becoming a mother to her son, Ender is the best thing ever that happened to her.

“Being a mother to my son makes being a musician seem pretty boring,” Halsey said to the outlet. “Something really amazing happened when I did have my son, which is the absolute, glorious eradication and death of my ego.”

“Nothing matters when I go home to him,” she further added. “He thinks I’m perfect and great and everything.”

The singer also said that she will make new music whenever she wants to because her utmost priority in life is her son.

The Without Me singer also shared that she would like to make new music in the future if she ever wants to, however, for now, her son is her only main priority in her life.

“I’m going to create when I want to. The only expectation I have for myself is to be a really good mom, and the rest will fall into place around that.”

After that, in October 2021, when one of her fans asked her if motherhood changed her life or not, to which the singer replied that sometimes she felt guilty for working after welcoming her son, Ender.

 “I feel guilty for working, I feel guilty when I’m not working. I’m terrified I’ll always struggle to live up to my own expectations,” Halsey wrote on her Twitter account.

“But I have also experienced love unlike any other and have finally learned how to ask for help and admit when I’m lonely or in need.”

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