Emily Ratajkowski, Said She Has Tired of Dating Men Who Can’t Handle A Strong-Headed Woman

Famous American model and actress named Emily Ratajkowski, who just broke up with the former SNL star, Pete Davidson, said that she has tired of dating men who couldn’t handle a strong independent woman like her.

While speaking on her High Low Podcast, the influencer opened up about the advantages and disadvantages of dating and also discussed that most men feel scared of independent ladies.

The Old Gone Girl star shared with her guest, Olivia Ponton, “I have always felt like I’m a strong woman, but obviously as you get older, you really don’t need a man. And you’re like, OK, this is what everybody has told me. Men have said, ‘I like independent women. I want somebody who doesn’t need me.’”

Recently, Ratajkowski has parted her ways with her 29-year-old, ex-boyfriend, the serial Hollywood dater, Pete Davidson, after a short fling of two months.

According to the Page Six, “Now we hear they’ve gone their separate ways.”

“Their fling has moved into the friend zone,” it was revealed by an outlet to the source.  “Fine with both of them.”

“Last week, Davidson was spotted three times with Wonders. They were seen outside his apartment, shopping together at a Whole Foods in Brooklyn and at a Rangers game. (Apparently Madison Square Garden is a favorite date spot for the “Saturday Night Live” star.)”

People Magazine reports showed that a source related to her told that the 31-year-old model has done with Davidson and ready to date new people.

“Em is single and totally happy,” the source said. “She will always prioritize her son, but enjoys dating when she has time. She enjoys her independence. She doesn’t have plans to see Pete again. She had fun with him, but she realized she didn’t want it to become anything else. She likes her life as it is.”

On Tuesday, on the recent episode of her famous podcast, Ratajkowski shared that a lot of men love her when they see her strong side, however, after sometime they start to get emasculated.

“So I’m like, ‘Okay, I did it, wow,’” Emily told. “What I hate with dating men, in particular, is I feel like they’re like, ‘Okay, yes. You’re special. You’ve done it…”

“They slowly get emasculated, and they don’t know what to do with those feelings, and they resent you, and then they start to tear you down,” she further added. “And then you’re just back to square one.”

While bashing the entire dynamic, The My Body author called it, “f–ked up and unfair” she also told that,

“A lot of men who truly think they want a strong woman actually don’t know how to handle it, and they don’t know what it means for their own identity…..with heteronormative relationships, I think that that happens.”

“The strength and the power is associated with the masculine, and once a woman has that, a man doesn’t know what else he has. But I’m like, ‘How about you just be better at expressing your emotions and being there emotionally? That would be great.’”

The cruise actress, who came out as bi-sexual on the social media platform earlier this year, revealed that she had been receiving several direct requests from women on TikTok, and that is quite exciting.

Another source who is close to Emily, shared last week that the actress is still using some dating apps because she wants to keep her dating options open.

“I do feel like this app is very white, and it feels like a particular type of man and a particular type of woman,” Ratajkowski told about one of the dating apps named Raya, which she has been using.

“So I don’t know if I’m going to meet my lady crush on here.”

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