Dove-Soap Brand Bashed Oscar-Winning Movie ‘The Whale’ For Not Casting an Obese Actor and Using A Fat Suit

Recently, the soap company, Dove bashed the Oscar-winning film as they used a fat suit on Brendan Fraser instead of casting an actual obese actor.

They have taken a moral stand against the film for their misrepresentation.

“Stop giving fat suits awards. We want better representation in Hollywood. #LetsChangeBeauty,” it was written on the tweet.

In a response to a user tweet, the soap and hygiene company wrote on the social media app,  “our identity is not our costume.”

In the film, Brendan Fraser performed the role of a 600-pound depressed gay teacher, Charlie, who is trying to reconnect with her estranged teenager daughter.

According to the Daily Mail, “Fraser, who had to wear a 330-pound fat suit and extensive prosthetic make-up, scooped up the Best Actor Oscar while hair and makeup artists on the film also took home a gong. “

The soap brand is not only one who criticized the film’ makers and raised their voice on this matter, ever since the film was released it has been facing online bashing for this reason.

“The Oscar for best makeup going to the construction of a fat suit on The Whale is blatantly disrespectful. And to blast this specific image of a fake fat body on display behind the award is inconceivable,” someone tweeted.

“I don’t appreciate that the makeup team who created a fat suit just won an Oscar and that is because we need to have better stories with fat actors and not thinner actors in fat suits,” another one wrote.

“I’m sorry but the whale winning for a fat suit that is literally incorrect with depicting how the body distributes weight is so embarrassing. Like you all should be fined $500 for wasting my goddamn time,” a third tweet read.

“The Whale was stupid. The Whale was bad. The Whale was fatphobic and a horrible script. The Whale, ridiculously, used a fat suit, which made it even more fatphobic. The Whale was a terrible portrayal of what a 600 lb fat person’s life is like. Brendan Fraser is dead to me now,” an angry social media user penned.

“The Whale won best makeup for putting a man in a fat suit? We’re in hell,” another wrote.

But, many fans not only came forward and defended the movie, Brendon Fraser, and its makeup artists but also slammed Dove by saying that they are trying to do propaganda to defame the award-winning movie.

“So you want people to win because of their identity and not their acting ability. Got it,” a fan wrote.

“Seriously just stop it. You are embarrassing yourself talking about an industry you do not understand,” a second commented.

“Stop trying to destroy the art of acting with your lame virtue signaling. Brendan Fraser was brilliant in the film. Acting is pretending to be something you aren’t. Like a soap company pretending to be a soap box for social justice,” a third supporter wrote.

“Excuse me. Brendan Fraser won an award. Not his fat suit. Just keep selling your fat, oil, and alkali,” another added.

“How many 600 pound actors are there with the talent of Brendon Frasier? How many 600 pound actors are there in general? Did any 600 pound actors get denied the role?” someone questioned.

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