Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother Rubbished Rumors About Her Son Splitting up with Georgina Rodriguez

“It’s nothing but only lies.”

The 38-year-old striker’s mother named Dolores Aveiro rubbished all the rumors that were running around everywhere about her son, Ronaldo that he parted ways with his Spanish girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

The split rumors regarding Ronaldo and his longtime partner started spreading after Spanish and Portuguese media outlets claimed that the duo was about to break up because the footballer was tired of Georgina.

According to the reports of Daily Mail, Ronaldo, and his girlfriend fueled rumors about their relationship that they were having a hard time and on the verge of breakup.

“According to Spanish TikTok star Abel Planelles, the pair recently had a huge argument before boarding Ronaldo’s private plane. The confrontation reportedly took place in front of several other people, with Rodriguez not speaking to any staff on the plane, before then refusing to communicate with Ronaldo during the journey.”

But, 29-year-old Georgina denied all the speculations by posting a cryptic message on her Instagram story.

“The envious invents the rumour, the gossip spreads and the idiot believes it,” Rodriguez wrote on the photo of the sky at night by adding lyrics from the song If I Die, by Romeo Santos.

Some days later, CR7 posted a picture of a lovely couple on his Instagram account and wrote, “Cheers to Love.”

As per The Sun, “The rumors about the couple’s relationship were fuelled even more by comments made by a friend of the footballer’s mum, Leo Caeiro.”

He shared with Noite das Estrelas program, “I have been saying it for months, they are not well and it is likely that they will separate. The reality is that Ronaldo is fed up with her. Thats the reality. I keep saying that there will be no wedding, they are together to feed the product.”

A Spanish journalist named Daniel Nascimiento who is also a part of the Netflix program, I am Georgina has also confirmed that Rodriguez spends most of her time ‘spending’ in Saudi Arab’s capital Riyadh.

“Georgina spends all day stuck in a shopping center in Riad, and that is one of the reasons why Cristiano is beginning to find this story not funny. In the series, she does nothing but spend, spend, and spend, and worst of all, she believes that she is equal to Cristiano.”

Now Ronaldo’s mother denied the claims that he is having any kind of relationship problem with the mother of his children.

The 68-year-old Dolores called all the rumors ‘lies’ while attending a shop opening ceremony in her hometown, Madeira.

 “It’s all lies. Every couple argues, but what’s been written is a lie,”, Aveiro said to the press who were covering the event.

She also visited the legendary footballer’s family in Riyadh where they are staying nowadays because Ronaldo is playing for the Al-Nassr football club.

In December 2022, the 37-year-old GOAT player joined Al-Nassr after exiting from Manchester United.

The Portuguese footballer reached Saudi with his family on Tuesday, January, 3, and received an enormous and warm welcome from the Saudi officials and general people.

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