Bizarre Photo of Elon Musk, where He ‘Kissed a robot’ Left the Internet Puzzled

It is not as it seems!

A renowned business tycoon and investor, Elon Reeve Musk, who is popularly known as Elon Musk is the founder, Chief Engineer, and CEO at SpaceX, Architect of Tesla, Inc, founder of the Boring Company, and co-founder of Neuralink Corporation and OpenAI.

As per the new Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people, Elon Musk is the world’s richest person. He replaced the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos in 2022, who was the number one according to the list previously. Now the total net worth of Musk is over 210 billion dollars.

Some of the pictures of the Tesla founder have been running around on social media on which he could be seen kissing feminine humanoids created by Pablo Guerrero. But, the situation is not like as it seems.

While sharing four photos of the business magnate kissing female robots, a Twitter user named Daniel Marven wrote,

“Elon Musk announces the future wife, who is she?” the CEO of a construction company, Daniel asked.

“It is the first robot that has been manufactured specifically designed with artificial intelligence, with the personality and the characteristics of the female that he dreams of…which is not found in any normal person, because of course, there is no normal person that has all the required specifications.”

He also added that Catnilla works with solar energy that doesn’t need to be charged.

“It is equipped with sensory means that make her feel sad and happy, and she has a balanced and interactive mindset …so she can share it if she is in a crisis or the feelings that she is experiencing or needs when she is exposed to any psychological stress.”

Marven revealed that the images were created by using Artificial Intelligence, he also warned people about the harmful effects of recent technology that is going to take control over the world.

“The post is to clarify the dangers of AI (artificial intelligence) in the coming period, especially after Tesla Company released the first integrated robot “Optimus.” He added. “Guys this guy is not a human, this is out of the world.”

The photos came after the release of a video clip, where Musk’s humanoid Optimus robot was seen taking its first step.

Following the photos, social media users wanted to say many things.

 “Well well well… what have we here?” someone wrote.

“The Black Mirror trailer just dropped,” another one penned.

“This post does clarify one of the dangers of AI – it is being used to generate images like these to fool people into thinking they are real,” a third person said.

“Thinking about that episode on Blacklist where this robots were hacked and went on a killing spree,” someone else wrote.

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