A Beautiful Heart Is What All Men Look For Rather Than A Beautiful Face

It is a known fact that all men look for is beauty. They want women who are pretty to be their partners and so they go after those who meet their desired standards of attractiveness. This trend is increasing daily mainly due to the social media pressures and availability. Now the standards of beauty are defined by the social media and those keeping up to them are considered beautiful. However this should be kept in mind that beauty alone can only attract a man for a little while and after that there are many other qualities that are needed to make a man stay in your life. It is what is inside that matter to most men and a pretty face is just the initial attraction for them.

For a start a gorgeous face might be enough but to keep a man interested and to maintain a relationship, a guy looks for much more beyond a beautiful face. A person’s nature matters a lot in how the relationship goes on. Therefore you should polish your personality just as well as you polish your face. Let’s look at a few things that men desire apart from beauty.

1. A considerate nature:

Men love women who have deep care for their partners. They want someone who has humility and consideration for the other person’s needs and wants, who is attentive and focused towards them.

2. The ability to lighten up any moment:

There are ups and downs in every relationship. The ability to brighten up your partner’s mood is what men love.

3. Being out spoken and having a certainty in nature:

A woman who has the ability to handle herself confidently and firmly in front of others is the most attractive to a man. Girls who are unsure of themselves are not much liked. Men like women who conduct themselves with a firm attitude.

4. Having a mentally grown up mind:

In order to keep relationships running two people need to have an adult thinking. A woman having a mature thinking attracts men way more than those who behave child like. Men believe that those who are conscious enough to take responsibility over their actions are grown enough to be their partners.

5. Being emotionally open with your partner:

Being in a relationship means being there for your partner and letting them be there for you. A woman who keeps all her feelings within herself and doesn’t let a man enter her heart stays at a distance. Men would love to spoil their women and if she doesn’t let them do that, they wouldn’t like it.

6. Modesty and humbleness:

Apart from being kind and considerate, girls with a humble nature make men fall in love with them. Down to earth girls attract men more. Those who don’t think of themselves as perfect queens of the world and those who don’t have a superiority complex are the ones that men actually want in their life. Understanding and showing your loved one that you know that you are imperfect will make them want you even more. This is because they want real relationships with real people, not fake women.

7. Handling ups and downs with tolerance:

All relationships have ups and downs and a woman should be able to wait and should endure all hardships with patience. This shows a man that she is ready to be with him through thick and thin.

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