A Relationship Won’t Work For 10 Miscalculated Reasons

Perhaps, love alone won’t suffice what would lay ahead.

Perhaps, you need a lot more than luck to sustain a relationship.

Perhaps, a relationship won’t work because it won’t withstand the trials of time.

How much do couples think of backbreaking challenges in a relationship?

Well, relationships fail when two people miscalculate many variables of a romantic relationship and fail to meet expectations from one another. Personalities clash with each other, partners don’t put in equal efforts, and luck doesn’t play on their side.

It’s still possible for two people to think of breaking up even when they are still in love with each other because for so many reasons and you should also know.

1. Future plans are different.

A relationship is going to work when two people can actually agree on a shared future together. Without giving consideration to your future plans you can’t imagine things to work for too long.

2. Families don’t get along well.

When either of the partner’s family doesn’t get along well, things remain unwelcomed and more tensions between partners.

3. Trust issues.

Love between two people in the absence of trust makes things complicated in a relationship.

4. If it’s a long distance relationship.

When people find it difficult to keep the long-distance relationship alive and happening. Strong communication in such case is extremely important. Otherwise, a relationship won’t work they way partners expect it to be.

5. Inactive physical intimacy.

A deep and strong emotional bond starts to build up when partners believe in active and expressive intimacy. Physical intimacy separates lovers from friends.

6. Uncontrollable drama in your relationship.

When you start to believe what other people say about your relationship then what is exactly happening in between you as a couple.

When there is more suspicion then having trust on each other’s action. Hence, it’s almost seem incapable for two people to stay together.

7. You yearn for more.

A perfectionist always has thirst for something better in life. In case, any of you two are a perfectionist then there is a possibility that you still have deep yearning for better things. If this might be the situation in your relationship then don’t decide on handling things forcefully, letting it go might be best.

8. Poor or no communication in the relationship.

If things would make sense without having communication then there were no languages or no one would have learned various expressions of emotions. It’s important to tell each other what is on your mind.

9. Physical or emotional abuse in your relationship.

Any form of abuse kills the very essence of a relationship.

10. Your instincts are telling you something else.

When everything seems fine apparently and your instincts tell you something else then there is a possibility that things aren’t going to work out for the two of you. This would happen when deep down inside, you feel nothing satisfactory as per your expectations.

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