A Mom Makes $180 Each Week and Only Eats Instant Noodles for Dinner to Buy Louis Vuitton for Her Baby Girl

A single mother who earns $180 every week and just eats instant noodles for dinner because she wants to save money to buy designer clothes for her seven-month-old baby girl.

A mom named Carissa Spark who lives in Dorset in South West England said that her daughter named Lavinia is her priority as she loves to see her dressed up in designer clothes.

Carissa shared on the reality show, rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Blinging Up Baby, “I like a lot of bows, a lot of frills, ribbons, anything sparkly – I’m never going to not be this way. If I had to starve myself to buy her bling, probably would do it. “

The mum-of-one lives off government financial support and she also studies part-time to become a hair dresser. Carissa also said that she spends her half income on her baby’s designer clothes and only eats instant noodles and canned soup in dinner so that she could afford the bling for Lavinia.

“I always make sure Lavinia’s got the things she needs first. She’s got everything – it’s me that goes without things. I’ve been living off like tin soup, maybe Cup a Soups, and packet noodles,” Spark told.

“But not everyone shares my vision, and many people call my daughter ‘chavvy’ and ‘tacky’ but, I don’t really care about them – it’s the look I like. Katie Price is my biggest influence.”

She further revealed that a couple of times she avoids buying groceries to spend her money on her daughter’s designer clothes.


“I’m hoping that when I look back at photos with her, she can see how much effort went in, and she can see how loved she was,” she said.

“I never was close with my mum, and I knew when I had a baby [I wanted to be so close] with her,” she told. “When I put the things I buy on her, I sort of get emotional over how nice it is. I like to feel that way. For me, it makes everything worth it.”

Carissa told that after her mom, her grandparents raised her and they are still supporting her in raising her baby girl.

Her grandmother said on the show, “I think if we didn’t help her out, she wouldn’t be able to have any food.”

“As a family, we do a lot of her, all of us. That’s what you do for your family, you help them out.”

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