9 Huge Signs He Is Ready To Commit

They leave a few crumbs for us in the form of their behavior or change of habit to pick up the trail of their big plan.

He’s bargaining on cents even


Lately, he is retreating from brand shopping and even bargains on cents. May be he is reading saint’s diary and taking an inspiration to spend life simple. Not at all, he is saving and not buying expensive items so that he could buy you a diamond, be ready!

He includes you in his activities a lot


He is a guy and you understand his urge to go on an adventure trip with his pals but he doesn’t want to now, because he cannot imagine a life without you. His guy friends sometimes get irritated that he never plans any activity if it doesn’t include you. He is obsessed with you and he is going to make it obvious, soon.

Your opinion is top most priority


Suddenly, he has been asking for your advice on every matter, whether trivial or significant. You might be wondering that his friend would have done some counseling to him regarding respecting your opinion. But this change of attitude is because he accepts you as his wife and no matter what he aspire from his life it should be acknowledged by you.

He is not afraid of his past anymore


During the span of your relationship, he has never shared a single detail of his past until now. It was astonishing to see that a day before yesterday he opened up and started sharing his insecurities and fears to you. A quite visible sign of somebody being completely involved in you and willingly telling you that he trusts you completely.

He shows interest when is being asked for Shopping


Unlike earlier, he is submissive to your wishes now. It would take him no time to turn grumpy when you ask him to go for shopping previously but he admits to go out with you now without throwing a single fit of temper. His meek behavior is a sign that he is beginning to see you by his side every time.

You have earned his trust


How would you know you’ve earned his trust? A huge sign to realize such a change is that his things are no longer password protected from you. It does not bother him if you try to peruse his mobile or inbox. It means you’ve earned his trust.

He acknowledges your aspirations more than anything else


He is ready to go to a large extent to make your aspirations and dreams come true. He is supporting you in every way to ensure you get what you want from your life, even if it costs him huge. For a guy to look out for his girl’s future, is a near to impossible thing in this selfish world. He is considering you as his future wife and he is making it obvious by believing in your dreams.

His parents are fond of you


You are receiving more invitations than before from his family to attend family events. He definitely praises you before his family and his parents are beginning to develop affection for you that’s why they want you to be part of every family affair.

His future plans include you because he’s ready to commit


It’s definitely on his mind for quite a while to propose you soon because he wants to know about children and their names and whether you like cats or dogs as pets.

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