8 Things Men Have Who Don’t Play Games

Dating life fascinates girls, seeing your friends in a relationship with men and spending their time out together on lunch, dinners, or coffee dates are enough to entice the feeling inside you to get into relationship quickly. There are popular guys around who are in constant look out for those girls who get attracted to their charm and get trapped in their dating games. These men find their target to kill their boredom and girls feel that they are lucky to be hooked up with the famous guy. But there are men who don’t play games and have real feelings for their girl.

Immature attitude is the reason girls end up being part of men’s games. Girls should know that mature men love and respect their woman and not toss them away when they are not interested. Next time you like a guy and you want to start a relationship with, see if he has the following 8 things in his personality:

1. You will get to know how he feels about you through his intentions.

He will make his feelings clear to you if he likes you and your attitude or he is not sure about this relationship. He will not let you live in the misery of self-doubt or second-guessing yourself. At the beginning of relationship, he will let you know about his intentions and expectations from you and the time you are going to spend together.

2. You will not feel emotionally vulnerable with him.

There is a person who always left you with anxiety about something you may or may not have done wrong and there is another person who isn’t going to manipulate you make you feel emotionally vulnerable, the latter is a man you should be expecting when it is time to settle down.

3. He is not ashamed of you in front of his friends or family.

Guys keep relationship secret from friends and especially from family because they are not interested to turn this relationship into long-term. The real man will never be ashamed of you by his side because he likes you more than anything and he doesn’t care what others feel.

4. You don’t have to put your guard up in front of him.

Men who don’t play games are never going to serve you as a threat to your emotional state or mental health. He will make you comfortable and will treat you right at all times so you can build up trust on him and he is not going to break that trust.

5. You are going to feel yourself whenever you two are together.

Girls pretend big time to please or impress their man and do things that they are not comfortable with. However, he is not going to let you feel that way. He will encourage you to be yourself and accept who you are and what you say.

6. He isn’t going to belittle you.

A real man never says or does things that will hurt other person’s feelings. Whether in public or alone, he isn’t going to belittle you or throw you in a situation where you find yourself with shattered confidence.

7. You will never feel that you have to play games with him.

You may have been with players previously and this time you want to play games with him. But the person who is going to keep you precious in his life will never force you into doing anything for which you have to be ashamed of afterwards.

8. You will experience an effortless love relationship with him.

When you expect the mentioned things from someone and you find most in him then you will experience falling in love in an effortless love relationship.

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