8 Red Flags Show He Isn’t Serious With You And His Love Is Half-Hearted

Too many date nights and luncheons seem enough to confirm that you two have fallen for one another and you can think of a big commitment. But you are completely unknown to his intentions because he hasn’t confirmed anything to you yet. Though, he asked you outside to stir up things and go deep into each other’s lives but still he hasn’t reached to the point where he can confirm that he loves you. He might not be able to reveal his feelings yet because still his love is half-hearted.

Despite the fact that he has concealed his half-hearted emotions, he might not want to see you hurt because he has developed certain affiliation with you therefore, he never wanted you to know on an early stage. This article may help you a lot with your love relationship, if you’ve just started or is waiting for him to respond to your proposal, the red flags are the signs to know whether he is serious for the relationship or not.

1.Your place is second in his life.

This sign is always present in front of you but your fancy dreams don’t let you observe that he puts you on 2nd priority. He may have even told you indirectly but because your relationship is on growing stage therefore you ignore this red flag as and when it appears.

2.He is not emotionally available to you.

A love relationship demands the both partners to be emotionally invested in each other’s life. It helps to know their goals, expectations, secrets, weaknesses, likes, and emotional attachments. But him keeping things mysterious and not sharing much about his life with you means that he is not interested whole-heartedly in the future of this relationship.

3.His ego and his life is bigger than your happiness.

A guy who is not willing to compromise on his ego, regardless the efforts you’ve made to work your relationship, is not serious about you. It is evident for the sake of each other’s happiness to compromise a little and try to meet the other half way but he seems obstinate keeping his ego above everything. If he hasn’t agreed to think outside of his importance in this relationship, he will never appreciate your position.

4.He would hardly spare time when you need him.

Sometimes, you need his emotional support and want to stay close to him but he refuses to acknowledge your feelings by saying that he is busy, in reality, he is not. He takes out time for you only when he has his own interest otherwise he delayed meet ups all the time.

5.He is still in contact with his ex.

When your partner talks about his ex in a convenient manner then it means he is still in contact with the other woman. He mentions frequently that he still goes out with his ex which is ethically wrong. This shows that he is morally weak and you should take this red flag serious.

6.He is in for physical intimacy.

You’ve approached him first and this gives him the edge to exploit you through physical intimacy. For you, the emotion is genuine but he is satisfying his dirty desires.

7.Future is not in the picture.

You should beware after knowing that there is not much planning about future and long term commitment when you talk about things to do after two years or in four years.

8.He keeps you hanging in the middle of nowhere.

There is always an unsettling feeling when you are living with a person who has half-hearted love for you. He keeps you hanging in a middle of nowhere because he is waiting for someone else and meanwhile he is just passing time with you.

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