7 Things Should Be On Your List to Keep Your Woman Happy

Being a guy, the biggest quest in life is to put some thought into things that would make her happy and content in a relationship. This would be a little hard to jot down points that are important according to your girl’s perspective but not impossible to understand her expectations from you. There are 7 things that should be on your list to keep your woman happy and for the sake of your peace in your relationship. Note these down:

1. Loyalty is top priority

Loyalty is the essence of your relationship and if this doesn’t exist then you can’t expect her to stay with you anymore. It takes a lot of time to start a relationship but it takes mere moments to end up just because you have not been loyal to her. She expects complete transparency from you.

2. Being honest is better than being a liar

She will never ask you to pretend what you couldn’t be in real life. If she has chosen you that is because she loves you for who you are and by not being honest with her will have a bad impact on your relationship. If you think your one lie will save you from being embarrassed in front of her then boy, you should brace yourself for her wrath. She can make your life a living hell for being dishonest with her.

3. Time is the most precious

Women often complain of one thing and that is not giving enough time to her. Out of all of your priorities, your girl should be on the top and she needs your time to share her life with you. No matter how busy you are but when she asks for your response you should reply her back as it will only take few seconds to text her.

4. Understanding is vital

Relationships break because partners deduce that they couldn’t understand each other well. It’s not hard to understand the view point of another person if you would try to listen without being judgmental.

5. Show her your emotions

Men, due to embarrassment, hide their emotions and will never be able to say their true feelings to their woman. As one of societal norms, men can’t be vulnerable in front of woman, men don’t show their feelings and she assumes that he doesn’t love her anymore. Be open to your girl and tell her everything that resides in your heart. You will not be judged on your vulnerability rather you will receive more love and care from her.

6. Protect her always

Women need assurance that someone is around to protect them to hold their back when they face dark times. Be there for her when she has less strength to endure and be her protective shield.

7. Secure future with you

Women want to know if they have a sound and secure future with you. It’s not something related to be materialistic. They want you to excel financially so you both can be ready for another big responsibility in your life and that is your child. They will encourage you to go after your passion and seek for the best in your life.

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