7 Red Flags He’s Interested in Everything but Committed Love

People hide a lot of things at the beginning of a relationship. So, it’s hard to identify a dishonest man who is known for abusive behavior, using girls to gain on his real intentions, and disregard them once all of his ulterior motives are met. What you can do to protect yourself from potential harm is to have your own back. Well, you can do that if you keep yourself guarded with the necessary information related to the person you’re dating and not opening yourself up entirely. In this way, you’ll be able to identify major red flags to know that he’s interested in everything but committed love.

This article will help you to look out for the signs in your relationship and to save you from becoming another victim of his malicious tricks. If many of the following red flags are easily seen in your man then you have to protect yourself as soon as possible. In the process, don’t lose courage and hope for your future because you’ll find a right guy at a right time.

Often, people feel guilt of being a targeted victim. At that time, they have to realize that they are with an abuser who is not going to change for their love. Sometimes, people turn passive after seeing the true face of their love but they should not forget that the person who is using you have already abused and used many other girls before. Sooner, you will escape the situation the better your future will be.

While ignoring all the red flags, you’re putting yourself into big risks. He doesn’t have your best interest at heart and you shouldn’t be staying with your man for long. Otherwise, you would be the reason to slowly kill yourself every single day.

You would think that without him you would have no passion left in your life. But think of many other opportunities that are waiting for you to open your eyes and see the reality. So, before building a relationship or if you are in one, make sure that your man doesn’t do any of the following intentionally:

1. He asks for things to process as per his wish and mood. His own schedule is top priority and his time is most important than yours.

2. He has no real intentions for a genuine relationship and a committed love. Therefore, he doesn’t make future plans with you for your relationship.

3. He uses your money to buy personal items for himself and is mostly depending on your finances to meet expenses relevant to households.

4. He is not ashamed of asking too many favors and returning nothing in return. He uses you as a thing at his dispense and to make his life easier.

5. You have already listened to many stories about him for mistreating women with whom he had affairs in the past. Just think for a second, if he has been terrible to them then you can’t expect from him any good this time.

6. He has his motives and he is only nice to you when he has anything substantial to gain from you. His commitment is with the interests that he has to fulfill from you therefore, you cannot find any consistency or stability in his personality.

7. Many times, your friends have given you hints to look out for in his behavior but you pass all of them. If something is appearing time and again and your friends want you to be careful about it then you should take their advice.

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