6 Secret Codes of Knowing your Boyfriend

6 Secret Codes of Knowing your Boyfriend

IS HE SERIOUS OR JUST FLIRTING TO YOU? Is this the riddle you are trying to solve? If yes, then you are at right place because I am going to reveal the secret of getting men’s intentions about a girl. By getting you will catch up a direction whether to go ahead with him or you just need to stop at this point of time.

This all can be possible only when you are fully taught all the signs of flirting, and here I am going to tell you 6 secret codes that will make you aware of the difference between a fake or a real guy. So don’t let anyone hurt you as well as alarm other girls in your circle too, tell them these flirting moves that boys usually use.

Code No.1: If He Is Not Showing Respect to You

‘Respect’ is above all the things, if a boy is not giving you respect and embarrassing you than it means he is just passing his time with you. As men always show their matured side if they are actually interested in someone otherwise they just trying to play with the emotions of a girl.

Code No.2: If He Don’t Looks For Your Reaction

If a boy is serious to you than he will must look for your reaction after telling you something and if he does not bother you and never seeks for your reaction or comment over a matter than it means he is not attracted towards you. Because, this is usually seen that when a guy really likes a girl he always wants a reaction on every word he speaks. So be careful, if he doesn’t worry for your response than something is fishy.

Code No.3: HE Don’t Remember Things about You

If your boyfriend forgets little things about you than it means you are not the most important person in his life, the reason behind this is the boys usually loves to remember little things like your date of birth or the things you love the most. And you can check this by questioning them about your likes and dislikes which you have previously told them

Code No.4: If He Turns His Back to You

Along all the above mentioned codes, the body language of a guy tells you more about your place in his heart. For example if he turns his posterior to you then it means he is not interested in you as this sign shows that a boy is not really wants you rather it shows you disrespect for a girl.

Code No.5: If He Does Not Want To Talk About Himself

Experts say that if a boy don’t talk about himself rather he talks about other things is a sign of flirting. The reason is talking about themselves can arise more questions about them and this can become problematic for a fake boy to answer all the questions.

Likewise, sometimes boys dislike when a girl tells them about other guys, doing so is not bothering him than it means he is just a flirt.

Code No.6: He Doesn’t Like Your Music

If you tell your men about your choice of music, then notice it whether next time he is listening your favorite music or not, if he does this then it means he is not a flirt but really to your acquaintance.

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