5 Things That Decide Your Relationship Destiny

5 Things That Decide Your Relationship Destiny

Relationship gives you strength to live, a life to thank for, a soul mate to be praised and finally a family you ever wished for. But it doesn’t seem to be attain as easily as it looks rather it demands a full effort from your side to flourish it, otherwise your will lose it. So, in a way where you are building your relationship, you may encounter the situations that will decide the fate of your relationship. Here are some reasons that will let you know the moments that can make or break your relationship:

Voicing Those Three Words:

“I Love You”-the three magical words that give a new life to a relationship- when someone utters it to you it takes your breath away, isn’t it? Yes, it is! But when it is said for the first time then it is up to him/her to reply in whatever way, it may be decisive. H/she may take time to reply and accept or reject your proposal. But for a relationship expressing love is important that will decide you relationship’s destiny.

You First Kiss:

Right after sharing first kiss, are relationship takes a new turn, it changes the way look each other and give a new meaning to a relationship. Well, kiss is not much important than the moments after kiss as they are going to decide the fate of a relationship.

When A Partner Cook For Other And Fails:

It is again a key point for when he/she cook for another that means for the person it is again cooked is the special person for him/her but if fails then it is the deciding moment for a relationship. If he/she recognizes it then it means another person is given value but if there is no recognition, with a tough look then it can breaks a relationship.

Finding A Text From EX

If one of the mates accidentally find a text or call from others phone then how he/she react will decide the future of the relationship. Sometimes people can’t bear this and leave the relationship and sometimes they discuss the matter patiently. So what is next is up to him/her, how he/she going to react at this juncture.

When One of the Two Lies:

A lie will spoil your relationship, whatever the reason is if a partner lies than it means there is a lack of trust in the relationship. Because the lie is usually told when people thinks they would not take positively which clearly shows the level of trust. That’s why a lie takes a relationship to a critical relationship if it is caught.

Let’s try to avoid the things that can ruin your relationship and do little efforts to make your relationship. Treasure your life, enjoy the moments and make people happy by spreading happiness.

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