5 Marriage Lessons That I Learned From My Kids

5 Marriage Lessons That I Learned From My Kids

Never underestimate the age of your kids. Sometimes, kids can teach you lessons for lifetime. Therefore, it is important to value what your kids indicate you. They basically don’t have any formula for it. It is their life, which can show you path and way to a successful married life. They can be the source of your happy married life. This is the same formula that I have applied too. I have two kids who are under the age of 3. They have made me a whole new person. The change they brought in me has transformed my married life in a positive way. Following are the lessons that I have learned from them


I was never a patient person. I use to lose temper in no time. This behavior of mine usually brought problems in my married life. But after I had my kids, I realized that I lose patience while dealing with them as well. But gradually I learned to keep my patience. It did not only help in improving my relation with my kids, but I also realized the value of being patient with my husband as well. Resultantly, I am enjoying a peaceful relation with my spouse now.

Being polite and kind is always good

I have realized that how you talk, your tone, body language and facial expressions are amongst those factors, which could make my relationship good or bad with my kids. Shouting and yelling at kids never work. Moreover, being impolite is also something that could make my kids more stubborn for what they are persuading to do. Same goes with my relation with my husband. I have learned that talking to him in the way he likes can help me convey my message to him.

It’s not only you, who is angry or reason for somebody’s anger

My kids sometimes start giving me very hard time. They start crying and shouting for something that I cannot figure out. I do try to find out the reason but I sometimes fail. Now I have come to a conclusion that sometimes kids get hurt or feel bad for something which they cannot express or just don’t want to express. In such situation it is better to give them time. This goes same with adults. Now I have learned that sometimes my husband gets angry or starts feeling bad not because of something I do but for some other reason. In this type of situation it is better to give him some time to feel better again.

Taking time out or a break from current situation, works well

My kids sometimes get overly frustrated. This happens because of nothing very serious or important. I have learned that leaving your kids to calm down in such situations work really well. I do the same with my husband. Whenever he is angry, I try not to say anything in return, as I know it can flare his anger up. Once he calms down then we talk about the issue in relaxed environment.

Conditioning yourself for change is sometimes good

It is said that kids get disturbed because of any change that occurs in their routine. But I have experienced that sometimes it is good to bring some change in my kids routine. They get fresh. I have applied this same formula in my married life and it has brought positive change.

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