4 Characteristics of A TRUE gentleman

More than beauty and charm, character should count the most for every girl out there. If you think that an all organized, nerdy person is not your type then you should get an experience living with a rebellious person, soon you will realize that how important and lucky it is to have a gentleman in your life. Though, it’s not even easy to find the one in early twenties or mid twenties but if luck plays in your favor then you never know someone a true gentleman could become an essential part of your life. His strong character and integrity should be the vital aspects of his personality. He will bring comfort to your tumultuous life and will give you respect that you truly deserve. Let’s see if the following factors of a true gentleman match your expectation of a real man:

1. He holds high regard for all girls

In front of you or when you are not around, he will behave in a respectable manner to every girl. Argument is evident but he will never use disgrace remarks to hurt anyone. He will give high regard to each one of them in different capacities and this may make you little insecure too because he is surrounded by girls every time. You are definitely special for him and he knows your worth but he will also acknowledge every other woman because he is aware of the fact that all girls are respectable, in spite of how he may be related to them.

2. He is a firm believer that every woman is special

Don’t take him in wrong perspective or doubt his intentions but he strongly believes that every woman is special and they have to compromise more than men in this society. He doesn’t just say but his acts of help also approve of his good heart. While everyone is trying to bring women down, he claims to think that they ought to be treated better.

3. He prefers company of women who shows wisdom and intelligence

He knows that true beauty is not just mere looks but a combination of confidence, intelligence, and wisdom. He has no time for women who are just interested in his money or status, he’d rather stay single than be hooked with a girl who is after his power and wealth. He despises superficial precedence and appreciates the company of someone who shares a similar view. His circle of friends will be comprised of people who challenge him and inspire him in different ways and he could learn from them.

4. He spends money wisely

He may be a well-settled guy and has earned enough to support his future family but still he spends wisely. This type of a person stays financially stable for a long time and they are dependable, too. Neither he spends lavish nor is a magpie. He is rather a careful one who is aware of the future needs not just for himself but for the one who is going to be his partner.

Do any of the mentioned qualities get a match with your definition of a true gentleman? Do write us.

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